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1C 8.2 program installation - Rent (hosting)

Appropriate accounting program selection is as important fact as the selection of qualified professionals.
Russian 1C program has long been known in this field, today the program is quickly integrated into the Armenian market, but the Armenian market already has problems software licensing, copyright infringement with. First time in Armenia, we suggest you plan armenian 1C 8.2 licensed program.
RA is located, all security parameters capable servers enable your company conduct accounting by renting 1C 8.2 program.
For small amount monthly you have

  • licensed right to use the 1C 8.2 Armenian program
  • the right to use other licensed programs related to the accounting (Ms Word; Microsoft Office Excel, etc.)
  • plan maintenance, continuous updates
  • 1C 8.2 program solutions specific for your organization
  • high-quality remote server, which will not be necessary for you to spend money
  • the remaining other advantages will keep you aware of our specialist


The only disadvantage of this service and the problem is that you should be about not very fast Internet connection, which today can not be a problem for the RA because of having several major Internet providers.

For using 1C 8.2 armenian version service you need to use to apply our company's office by calling (+374 77) 960 960 number or send a letter This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it email address, just mention the phone number, contact person's name.

Service performance of this procedure


  1. our company specialist met with the client, our office or near the Customer

  2. 1C 8.2 provided a demonstration version of the program, which the customer evaluates its advantages and forth its activities to specific problems, if they will be available

  3. we signed agreements between the company and customer information privacy publicity, data storage and security, provision of paid services

  4. value of this service depends on a few requisites, which will inform you about our specialist

Thank you for your cooperation!